Upcoming Exhibitions

Following the Box, initially funded through a Fulbright award, is a mystery story, explored through an art exhibit and a documentary film. The film features interviews with 12 contemporary artists, 10 Indian and two American, who created work specifically inspired by this chance purchase of old photographs half a world away. Their artistic response can be seen in the exhibit form of this project. The exhibit and film illustrate the point that photographs are both windows to another time and place and mirrors of ourselves and our culture.

Each artist included in this project interpreted these images in their own unique way, shaped by their personal artistic vision and by the cultural net that envelops us all. This exhibit is an aesthetic and cross-cultural exploration of historic imagery, a celebration of universal power of photography to elicit memory and spark conversation. Following the Box is both a mystery story and a visual dialogue between Americans and Indians over time, ultimately a celebration of the power of art.