Past Exhibitions

Following the Box

July 15th – September 16th, 2022
Guest curator: Jerri Zbiral and Alan Teller

Old photograph from World War II era in Bengal, India of two children smiling outside straw hut

About 70 years ago, towards the end of World War II, a U.S. soldier stationed in rural West Bengal grabbed his Speed Graphic 4x4” press camera, hopped into a jeep and went off into the countryside to photograph. Who was he? Why did he leave his airbase to do that? We have no idea. What we do know is that he created remarkable images — sensitive portraits of villagers, respectful views of temples, documents of everyday life, a few military scenes. And how did a shoebox full of 127 of his beautiful negatives and prints made in India end up at an estate sale in Chicago many years later? Curators Alan Teller and Jerri Zbiral made a serendipitous find and have been "following the box" ever since.

Following the Box, initially funded through a Fulbright award, is a mystery story, explored through an art exhibit and a documentary film. The film features interviews with 12 contemporary artists, 10 Indian and two American, who created work specifically inspired by this chance purchase of old photographs half a world away. Their artistic response can be seen in the exhibit form of this project. The exhibit and film illustrate the point that photographs are both windows to another time and place and mirrors of ourselves and our culture.

Each artist included in this project interpreted these images in their own unique way, shaped by their personal artistic vision and by the cultural net that envelops us all. This exhibit is an aesthetic and cross-cultural exploration of historic imagery, a celebration of universal power of photography to elicit memory and spark conversation. Following the Box is both a mystery story and a visual dialogue between Americans and Indians over time, ultimately a celebration of the power of art.

The Following the Box exhibition is made possible with the support of:

Edna B and Bruno Benna Foundation; Hilliard Endowment; The Kipper Family Foundation

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Thirty-Six Views of Japanese Art

March 15th - May 27th, 2022

EN MEDIO | Senses of Migrations

July 9th, 2021 – January 15th, 2022

En Medio | Senses of Migrations installation photos

  • Painting of Hispanic person with flowers and plants covering face and body
  • Two paintings hang on museum wall showcasing Hispanic people and culture
  • Painting on museum wall next to directional sign for Interstate 10 Juarez, Mexico
  • Digital display hangs on museum wall with image of a staircase
  • Painting of Hispanic man hangs on museum wall
  • Artifacts from immigrants displayed in a glass case inside museum
  • Museum wall with text describing paintings
  • Text on museum wall describes the letters that incarcerated immigrants wrote
  • Front of museum glass walls details En Medio exhibition
  • En Medio | Senses of Migration written on glass window looking into museum

This exhibit was sponsored by the following:

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Leonor Fini | Not A Muse, An Artist

January 29 – May 15 2021

The intent of the show is to bring the spotlight to one of the most talented artists who created an incredibly valuable array of art pieces within the Surrealist canon. We hope to expose our visitors to the life and oeuvre of an overlooked artist, while inviting the viewer to ponder on the unequal representation of women in artistic movements throughout time.

Leonor Fini installation photos

  • Leonor Fini art on wall with exhibition introduction
  • Leonor Fini art on gallery wall with display case in front
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition walls
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition wall
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition wall
  • Leonor Fini exhibition shelf with handouts stacked on it
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition wall
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition wall
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition wall with seating in front
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition wall with seating in front
  • Leonor Fini art on exhibition walls with seating in front

This exhibit was sponsored by the following:

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David R. Harper: My Own Personal Ghost

September - December, 2020

Installation photos

  • David Harper's name on the glass doors of The Lilley art museum
  • Arm sculptures outstretched on a wall holding yarn and birds
  • Glass display cases with bird sculptures
  • Display cases with bird sculptures and bones and sculptures on tables
  • Human anatomy painting on canvas on museum wall in the middle of display cases and tables
  • Human face and neck made of thread pop off of museum wall
  • Bird sculptures on sticks hang from ceiling and reflect shadows on museum wall
  • Human skull and arm with hand raised sit on table in pile of pedals
  • Side view of display cases with bird sculptures and art of humans outside on museum wall
  • View of David Harper exhibit installation from above

This exhibit was sponsored by the following:

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Shane Pickett: Djinong Djina Boodja | Look at the Land that I Have Traveled

January – September, 2020

Shane Pickett Installation Photos

  • Pickett Installation Perspective 1
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 2
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 3
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 4
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 5
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 6
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 7
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 8
  • Pickett Installation Perspective 9

Nolan Preece

October – December, 2019

Nolan Preece Installation Photos

  • Nolan Preece written on glass door to museum exhibit
  • Preece Installation Perspective 1
  • Preece Installation Perspective 2
  • Preece Installation Perspective 3
  • Preece Installation Perspective 4
  • Preece Installation Perspective 5
  • Preece Installation Perspective 6
  • Preece Installation Perspective 7
  • Preece Installation Perspective 8
  • Preece Installation Perspective 9

Piranesi and the Eternal City

June – September, 2019

Piranesi Installation Photos

  • Piranesi written on glass door of museum exhibit
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 1
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 2
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 3
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 4
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 5
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 6
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 7
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 8
  • Piranesi Installation Perspective 9

See Her

April – May, 2019

See Her Installation Photos

  • See Her written on glass door to museum exhibition
  • See Her Installation Perspective 2
  • See Her Installation Perspective 3
  • See Her Installation Perspective 3
  • See Her Installation Perspective 4
  • See Her Installation Perspective 5
  • See Her Installation Perspective 6
  • See Her Installation Perspective 7
  • See Her Installation Perspective 8
  • See Her Installation Perspective 9

Terma: Images from the Ear or Groin or Somewhere

January – March, 2019