Returning Students

Students holding the letters to spell Nevada for the Homecoming Float Parade

Returning students are heartily welcomed back to finish degrees

Students wishing to enroll at the University after a lapse in enrollment, must complete the Returning Student Application Re-Activation Form. A lapse in enrollment occurs when a student has not enrolled for and/or attended classes for one semester (not including summer session) or more.

You cannot use this form if you have not paid the application fee previously.

Students who never attended a class at the University, or that have graduated from the University, may not use this form. They must fill out the normal Application for Admission.

Re-Activation is not guaranteed. Admissions & Records may request additional documentation in order to make an admissions decision. Students will be admitted to the last program of study on file. If students wish to change programs, they will need to complete a Change of Major Form.