Core Theme Fulfillment

The university has identified explicit goals for each core theme and defined specific, meaningful performance indicators, or metrics, for each goal.  Each year, Core Theme Committees, composed of faculty members, students, and community members, assess the university's performance on these metrics in order to determine the extent of core theme and mission fulfillment.

Core Theme 1 - Learning: Prepare graduates to compete globally through high-quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the liberal arts, sciences, and selected professional programs.

Core Theme 1, Goal 1: Provide high-quality undergraduate degree programs taught by a diverse, well-qualified faculty who continually improve the curriculum through assessment and innovation.

Core Theme 1, Goal 2: Recruit a high-achieving, diverse student body and provide access and a clear path to graduation.

Core Theme 1, Goal 3: Provide high-quality graduate programs taught by research-active faculty.

Core Theme 1, Goal 4:
Offer a broad array of choices for instructional format, location, and schedule, including study-abroad opportunities.

Core Theme 1, Goal 5: Prepare students for personal and professional success, to be informed global citizens, and to pursue healthy lifestyles.

Core Theme 2 - Discovery: Create new knowledge through basic and applied research, scholarship, and artistry in strategically selected fields relevant to Nevada and its role in the wider world.

Core Theme 2, Goal 1: Enhance the quality, value, and range of the University's research and artistry. Attain classification as a "Carnegie Research University/Very High (R1)."

Core Theme 2, Goal 2: Invest in disciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas that build upon existing strength and that are responsive to emerging needs and opportunities.

Core Theme 2, Goal 3: Strengthen infrastructure required to support world-class discovery, scholarship, and creativity.

Core Theme 2, Goal 4: Revise rules, policies, and procedures to more effectively promote research, artistry, and entrepreneurial activities.

Core Theme 3 - Engagement: Strengthen the social, economic, and environmental well-being of people by engaging Nevada citizens, communities, and governments.

Core Theme 3, Goal 1: Develop and adopt a unified concept and vision for the University's public engagement and land-grant mission.

Core Theme 3, Goal 2: Work in concert with government and industry to diversify and develop Nevada's economy and communities.

Core Theme 3, Goal 3: Improve mental and physical health and quality of life for Nevada's diverse and growing population.

Core Theme 3, Goal 4: Provide access to informal and formal learning and services for citizens of all cultural backgrounds, ages, abilities, and locations.

Core Theme 3, Goal 5: Work with school districts to improve college readiness of high-school graduates.

Core Theme 3, Goal 6: Provide lectures, exhibits, performances, and athletic events that enrich the cultural fabric of the community and expose young minds to the world of possibilities in academics, the arts and culture, and athletics.