Online Learning and Teaching & Learning Technologies restructured as the Office of Digital Learning

Thank you for your interest in Online Learning at the University of Nevada, Reno. Online Learning and Teaching & Learning Technologies have been combined under the Provost’s Office to form the Office of Digital Learning.

For information on Summer Session and Wintermester courses formerly offered by 365 Learning, please visit the Summer Session and Wintermester pages.

The Office of Digital Learning is committed to the advancement of the University's teaching mission through a faculty-driven course development model, and looks forward to serving all of its constituents in this regard. Please send questions and requests for information to

Online learning

The Office of Digital Learning provides students with the opportunity to satisfy degree requirements through high-quality online classes


Registering for online classes

To enroll in any online course you must be a current University of Nevada, Reno student. After being admitted, students may register for classes via MyNEVADA. To search for available online classes in MyNEVADA, under “Mode of Instruction,” select “Web Based Course.”

Online classes tuition and fees

Information about tuition and fees is available through the Cashier's Office. There is a fee of $34 per credit attached to every online course