Online learning

The Office of Digital Learning provides students with the opportunity to satisfy degree requirements through high-quality online classes


Registering for online classes

To enroll in any online course you must be a current University of Nevada, Reno student. After being admitted, students may register for classes via MyNEVADA. To search for available online classes in MyNEVADA, under “Mode of Instruction,” select “Web Based Course.”

Online classes tuition and fees

Information about tuition and fees is available through the Cashier's Office. There is a fee of $34 per credit attached to every online course

Online classes through the Office of Digital Learning

Available online classes

Thinking about enrolling in an online class through the Office of Digital Learning? We maintain a list of currently available online classes for each semester. Find a class today.

Identity verification

Identity verification for online classes is required at the University of Nevada, Reno. For courses requiring proctored exams, students may select from two testing formats: in-person at the University Testing Center on the University of Nevada, Reno campus and remote testing via the online proctoring system.

Technical requirements, online policies and class rules

Technical requirements

The University of Nevada, Reno uses Canvas (called WebCampus) for its online classes. Learn more about technical requirements for taking online classes at the University.

Class rules

Students in online classes must adhere to University class rules. Violations of class rules may result in a deduction of points on assignments and/or exams.

Civility and class conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a civil manner that contributes to a positive learning environment for all. Learn more about student responsibilities in online learning environments.

See all Office of Digital Learning policies

The Office of Digital Learning maintains a list of policies regarding your experience with online learning at the University. From testing requirements to creating safe learning environments, ODL is dedicated to providing the best educational experience for students.

Online degrees and programs

The University of Nevada, Reno offers a wide selection of online degree programs, ranging from an Executive Master of Business Administration to a master's in cybersecurity. Explore our online offerings today.