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Mechanical Engineering

Ideas in Motionsm

If it moves, a mechanical engineer probably had something to do with it. In our department, we're investigating mechanical systems ranging from how organisms move through aquatic environments to how groups of robots can coordinate flight through the skies.

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 Hassan Masoud

Fluid and Flocks podcast

Dr. Masoud was recently interviewed on the Physics Central podcast to talk about the fluid dynamic principles underlying flocks of birds and schools of fishes.

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 Hassan Massoud

Dr. Masoud published in Nature Communications

Congratulations to Dr. Hassan Masoud, whose recent work on fluid dynamics of fish schools and bird flocks, was published in Nature Communications. Developed with collaborators at New York University, the paper explores a simulated mechanized or robotic school that offers the first look at the flows inside such groups, showing how flapping swimmers "surf" through the wavy stream left by their upstream neighbors. The principles discovered through the simulation  could be put to practical use harvesting energy from ocean waves or atmospheric turbulence.

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