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Master of Arts in Journalism

Do you have a background in professional journalism or strategic communication but want to find a place in the new communications environment? Then consider the Reynolds School. We have designed a graduate program to educate an emerging class of innovative professionals who work at the intersection of journalism, strategic communication and social media.

Our graduates go on to become social media managers, community connectors, business developers, entrepreneurial journalists, content strategists, curators, multimedia journalists, reporters, writers, change agents and public relations professionals.

We offer a three-semester intensive graduate program for students who have a journalism/communications degree and professional experience and want to hone their skills to become next-generation media communicators.

Our program looks to the future, based on these observations:

It’s now a network.
The evolution from mass media to networked media requires new practices and new skills that merge the enduring values of professional journalism with the emerging practices of networked communication.

Facility with digital technologies matters.
Effective communicators are able to use digital technologies to engage participants, tell stories, analyze and visualize data and enable new forms of interactivity between citizens, journalists, media communicators and institutions.

New mindsets are critical.
Journalistic work now requires much more than an emphasis on producing stories: it requires empathy, participation, a sense of service and a keen appreciation for entrepreneurship and usefulness.

Students who complete this program will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of how journalism is changing
  • Master a range of interactive new media tools
  • Practice user centered design principles to develop new ways of doing journalism
  • Become proficient at social media and participatory communication
  • Gain valuable experience in thinking entrepreneurially about networked communication

Apply now to the Journalism MA program.

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