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Policies and Limitations

Limitations of the Campus Escort Service

Our priorities for our patrons are (1) Safety, (2) Education, (3) Social Interaction, and (4) Convenience. Through our priorities, limited by budget constraints, time, manpower, risk management, and vehicles, Campus Escort will provide the best possible service to its patrons with very few restrictions as follows:

  1. Campus Escort will abide by all State and Federal laws.
  2. Campus Escort will travel no farther than a two-mile boundary from the perimeter of the main campus according to the odometer in the vehicle.
  3. A property or recognized unit of the University of Nevada, Reno (including Greek houses) must be the start or end of a trip.
  4. No third party commercial business can be the start or end of a trip with the exception of Walgreen's (located at 750 N. Virginia St.).
  5. Campus Escort will not pick up or drop off at parties. If any caller or a friend is intoxicated and needs a ride home, he or she should call a cab or plan ahead and designate a sober driver.
  6. On Friday and Saturday nights, a residence (off-campus or on-campus) may only be a starting point or ending point of a trip. In other words, Campus Escort will not provide a ride from one residence to another on those nights.

Note: Callers who attempt to circumvent policy by requesting pickup or drop-off at a serviceable location with the intention of walking  or requesting an escort to another location will be denied service.

Callers who repeatedly attempt to circumvent these policies cause a disruption to the service and may receive a warning from Campus Escort leadership. Continued abuse of the system may result in having Campus Escort privileges revoked.

*The Campus Safety site and all affiliated university sites are divisions of Student Life Services.

Inclement Weather Protocol

ASUN Campus Escort reserves the right to stop service if inclement weather or road conditions jeopardize the ability of the service to operate safely. While not all inclement weather-related shutdowns can be anticipated, the following protocol is in place:

  • If during service hours, weather and road conditions evaluated every 30 minutes
  • Updates sent out as early in advance as possible on
  • Alerts sent to the front desk in the Joe Crowley Student Union, Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center or Lombardi Recreation Center

Once service has been shut down, the messages on the Campus Escort online request and the Campus Escort phone will be updated accordingly.

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