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Contact your Recruiter

Las Vegas Office for Prospective Students

Each high school in the Las Vegas area has a dedicated recruiter. Just find your high school below and contact the recruiter listed next to your school name. If your school is not listed, call our main office number at (702) 940-5416 or email

High SchoolYour Recruiter
A-Tech Jeanette
Adelson Educational Campus Christy
Andre Agassi Shontarius
Arbor View Shontarius
Basic Christy
Beatty Hellen
Bishop Gorman Everett
Bonanza Elizabeth
Boulder City Hellen
Calvary Chapel Christian School Christy
Canyon Springs Hellen
Centennial Andre
Chaparral Shontarius
Cheyenne Christy
Cimarron Memorial Elizabeth
Clark Jeanette
Coral Academy Elizabeth
Coronado Andre
CSN Cheyenne High School Christy
CSN Henderson HS and Transfer Christy
CSN-Charleston HS and Transfer Christy
CSN-Cheyenne Transfer Christy
Del Sol Jeanette
Desert Oasis Jeanette
Desert Pines Shontarius
Desert Rose Shontarius
Durango Andre
Eldorado Shontarius
E-Tech Shontarius
Faith Lutheran Christy
Foothill Elizabeth
Global Community Everett
Green Valley Everett
Green Valley Christian Everett
Henderson International Everett
IL Everett
Indian Springs Elizabeth
Lake Mead Christian Christy
Las Vegas Shontarius
Las Vegas Academy Hellen
Laughlin Hellen
Legacy Elizabeth
Liberty Hellen
Lincoln County Hellen
Moapa Valley Hellen
Mojave Hellen
Mountain View Christian Christy
Nevada Connections Academy Jeanette
Nevada Learning Academy Jeanette
Nevada Virtual Academy Andre
NV State High School Christy
New Horizons Academy Andre
NWCTA Elizabeth
Odyssey Charter Shontarius
Pahranagat Hellen
Pahrump Everett
Palo Verde Andre
Rancho Hellen
Round Mountain Hellen
SECTA Shontarius
Shadow Ridge Andre
Sierra Vista Hellen
Silverado Jeanette
Spring Valley Elizabeth
Sunrise Mountain Hellen
SWCTA Elizabeth
The Meadows Christy
Tonopah Hellen
Trinity International Everett
Valley Elizabeth
Veteran's Tribute  Jeanette
Virgin Valley Hellen
West Prep Shontarius
Western Hellen

Contact Information

Andre Lawson

(702) 940-5416

Jeanette Chan-Rivera

(702) 940-5416

Everett Jackson

(702) 940-5416

Hellen Quan-Lopez

(702) 940-5419

Elizabeth Nubel

(702) 940-5416

Shontarius Webb

(702) 940-5416

Christy Abercrombie

(702) 940-5416

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