Workday access

Login Instructions

Employees and Contingent Workers should use the following steps to log in to Workday:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the Active NSHE Community Members
  3. Select the University of Nevada, Reno campus.
  4. Enter your Net Id and Password

Access Assistance

New Employees

This section applies specifically to individuals who are entering university employment for this first time, or who previously worked for the University, but did not receive pay in 2017 or later.

If you have been employed by or been a volunteer/affiliate for an NSHE institution in the past and are being hired with a future hire date, please review the section on this page titled Former Employees as you will need to login as a Former NSHE Employee until your start date.

Workday uses your NetID for authentication. If your NetID is active and the password is valid you will be able to login to Workday successfully. To get a NetID, once your department has entered you into Workday and your contract has been approved, IT will send an email to initiate the process.

Hiring managers are strongly encouraged to begin the hiring process in Workday at least one week prior to the new hire's start date. This will help ensure the NetID is ready for activation on the users start date. Rule of thumb - it may take up to one week from completion of the new hire business process before a NetID is generated and ready to be activated.

To complete onboarding in Workday you will be required to enter in your emergency contact information, confirm your demographic information, and acknowledge the required policies. Your inbox in Workday will have messages that tell you what steps you need to complete.

A new employee can activate their NetID at the Identity Portal page. If it fails there you will need to call the OIT Helpdesk at (775) 682-5000 for activation assistance.

Returning Employees

Employees who previously worked at the University, but DID NOT receive pay in 2017 or later

Your information is not yet in Workday and you will be processed as a new employee. Please see access instructions on the "New Employees" tab.

Employees who previously worked at the University, but DID receive pay in 2017 or later

Once you have been rehired and your department has processed your hire in Workday, your NetID will be activated and enable you to log into Workday as an "Active Employee" to complete your onboarding process up to 90 days prior to your hire date. You can sign into Workday before your start date by logging in as an Active Employee with your NetID, so long as the Hire business process has been approved in Workday.

To prepare for your start date, you will be asked to complete onboarding in Workday. The information from your prior employment will populate and you will be given the option to update information like home contact, emergency contact, demographic and direct deposit information. If a new Form I-9 (work authorization) is needed, you will be prompted to complete the form and present your identification to your department. You will also be asked to review and acknowledge mandatory policies.

A returning employee can activate their NetID at the Identity Portal page. If it fails there you will need to call the OIT Helpdesk at (775) 682-5000 for activation assistance.

Former Employees
  1. Go to the University's Workday page.
  2. Click the "Log into Workday" button.
  3. Select the "Former NSHE Community Members" tile.


Your new username is your employee ID number (minus the leading zeroes). Your employee number is a nine digit number that can be found on old pay slips.

For example, an employee ID of 000123456 will become a username of 123456 (no leading zeroes).


If you have never logged into Workday as a former employee, you will need to click on the forgot password link in order to establish your password. Workday will send an email to the primary email (work or personal) in your Workday profile.


If you've followed the instructions above and you are having difficulty logging in, please contact the Workday Help Desk:

Phone: (775) 784-6086


If you need help retrieving your Employee ID or need to update your primary email address, please call the HR office at (775) 784-6082.

Volunteers & Affiliates

NetID access is granted based on volunteer job code, as follows:

  • Volunteer A - NetID/NSHEID and online library access.
  • Volunteer B - Full privileges including e-mail.
  • Affiliate 1 - NetID/NSHEID, online library access and wireless.
  • Affiliate 2 - Full privileges including email.
  • Clinical Adjunct Professor - Full privileges including e-mail and Grants-In-Aid.
  • Adjunct Professor - Full privileges including email and Grants-In-Aid.

How do I get access to Workday?

Please work with the person who has the Administrative Assistant role in your department to create a Contingent Worker contract in Workday.

What do I do if my NetID no-longer works?

If your NetID is no longer working, please contact your department to see if your contract is still active. If your contract is still active, please contact the IT Help Desk to resolve any issues with your NetID account.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The first time you log onto Workday, you will be prompted to setup your Multi-Factor Authentication at this time.

The three choices you will have are:

  1. Text message
  2. Phone call*
  3. Download the Okta app on your personal device

*Please Note:  If you opt for the phone call method of authentication, we do not recommend using your desk phone number as it will prevent you from logging in from off-campus.

If you are off-campus, you will always be required to complete two-part authentication.

Once you select your Multi-Factor Authentication method, this will be the default method every time you log in from off-campus. To reset your Multi-Factor Authentication method, please reach out to the OIT Help Desk Get Help page.

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