About Us

The Office of Advancements in Teaching Excellence is here to support faculty, postdocs and graduate students in your continued development as teachers, so you can reach and empower your students. Advancing in our craft takes time, experimentation and reflection. We are here to help you acquire skills over time by sparking ideas for experimentation, inviting reflection, conversation and encouraging you along the way.

How do we support your professional development?

We are dedicated to coaching and mentoring in your professional development as teachers by:

  • Creating confidential and safe spaces for conversation, feedback, and reflection on teaching,
  • Supporting you in achieving success in teaching, aligned with your teaching philosophy and context,
  • Connecting you with research on teaching and learning as well as campus resources to inform and inspire your teaching,
  • Encouraging a wholistic approach to professional development, in which teaching is balanced with other responsibilities in a sustainable way,
  • Celebrating teaching excellence and advocating for faculty recognition for teaching.

What do we mean by teaching excellence?

We define excellent teaching as:

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Advancements in Teaching Excellence
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Sarah A. Cummings, Ph.D.
Director, Advancements in Teaching Excellence she, her, hers
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Advancements in Teaching Excellence
Wenzhen Li
Wenzhen Li, Ph.D.
Senior Instructional Designer, Advancements in Teaching Excellence; and Associate Faculty, Instructional Technology & Educational Statistics
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