Summer Session registration, fees and forms

All Summer Session registration is conducted through MyNEVADA. Register for classes via MyNEVADA any time on or after your enrollment appointment as indicated in your MyNEVADA account.


Summer Session credit overload

Summer Session classes are rigorous. Credit overload is not recommended.

The maximum credits allowed for summer are:

  • Mini Session: 4 credit limit
  • First Session: 7 credit limit
  • Second Session: 7 credit limit
  • Regular Session/combined summer: 18 credit limit

When estimating course workload and considering overload credits, please remember:

  • Three (3) credits in the Mini Session equals 15 credits in fall/spring, therefore enrolling in six (6) credits in the mini session is the equivalent workload of 30 credits in fall/spring.
  • Six (6) credits in the First/Second Session equals 18 credits in the fall/spring, therefore enrolling in nine (9) credits in the First/Second Session is the equivalent workload of 27 credits in the fall/spring.

Credit overload during Summer Session is not recommended. Please discuss credit overload with an Academic Advisor. If the Academic Advisor supports the request to enroll in overload credits, the Academic Advisor will initiate the approval paperwork. Students cannot use overload enrollment as an excuse for turning in late assignments or for grade appeals. An exception to the policy for all withdrawal/refund requests will not be granted due to a credit overload enrollment and the resulting heavy, overwhelming or demanding workload.


Payment plans for Summer Session

The payment plan option is designed to help students pay for classes in summer as this creates a mechanism for them to pay in three installments throughout the summer.

Sign-up for a payment plan in MyNEVADA

A student can select “Enroll in Payment Plan” in their account in MyNEVADA. Students must check the box that confirms they have read the agreement. The payment plan is created immediately and a student can make their first payment immediately as well.

Payment plan criteria

Payment plans only be established on balances of $500+. There is a set-up fee of $50 (one charge per semester; does not apply to balance). The above payment dates are fixed, regardless of the sessions the student is taking classes.

A portion of program fees may be used to pay hosting expenses. 

International students

If you are an international student interested in enrolling in a summer session, our staff can assist you with the price of the program, visa requirements, English proficiency requirements and more.

Non-degree and visiting students

If you have not been formally admitted to the University of Nevada, Reno for the Spring semester, you will be classified as a “nondegree” student for summer. Learn more about registering for Summer Session as a nondegree or visiting student at the University.