Plan a student event or protest

Whether you're a recognized club or organization on campus, a student group, or individual student - our goal is to ensure that you're able to plan a successful event or protest. Expressing your point of view is your First Amendment right, but there are many things to consider when using amplified sound, bringing a controversial speaker to campus, or displaying symbolic structures on campus. When planning an event, we recommend registered student clubs or organizations to make space reservations. Once space is reserved, the Center for Student Engagement can provide logistical support and guidance, including help with time, place and manner regulations. Learn more by visiting the Center for Student Engagement.

Steps to planning an event or protest

  1. Submit an Event Form in Pack Life.
  2. Reserve space on campus*
  3. Attend Student Events Advisory Board (SEAB) meeting or meet with Center for Student Engagement staff
  4. Hold event

*According to the University of Nevada, Reno Administrative Policy - Section 5,303: Public Forum, reserving space on campus for an event or protest is strongly encouraged in order to ensure that a location for outdoor assembly at a specific date and time. Protests are not required to go through SEAB, although, an individual or group with a reservation will have priority in the use of the location.

Time, place and manner restrictions

Individuals and groups using campus grounds have an obligation to follow all University policies, local ordinances, state and federal laws. This includes the following:

  • Following University policies regarding the recording of classes and ticketed events
  • Allowing the University's regularly scheduled classes, research, events, ceremonies or normal and essential operations to proceed without interference
  • Allowing parking and the flow of vehicular traffic
  • Allowing the ingress and egress to and from all buildings
  • Allowing a group that has reserved space to use it
  • Allowing a speaker or performer to be seen and heard by the audience; maintaining a noise level that allows classes, campus events and operations to occur
  • Assuring that actions do no create an immediate health or safety hazard

The University reserves the right to immediately terminate any ongoing activity that violates time, place and manner provisions included in this section.

Amplified sound policy

Amplified sound can be arranged from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. if advised and approved by the Student Events Advisory Board, and if that event is being held in or on the grounds of, but not limited to, the Knowledge Center, Joe Crowley Student Union, Lawlor Events Center, Lombardi Recreational Center and Intramural Fields.   Amplified sound may also be arranged between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., if the event has been advised and approved by the Student Events Advisory Board, and if the event is being held in or on the grounds of, but not limited to, the Quad ad Hilliard Plaza. Read the Amplified Sound Policy for more details.