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Where do I get help?

For questions about logging in:  IT Help Desk

I forgot my password!

I'm having issues with the single sign-on page.

For questions about the platform functionality, technological protocols, and best practices for using SSC:  SSC Campus Trainers

How do I send a message to a student?

How do I create a work list for this campaign I'd like to run?

For questions about user access, permissions settings, site configurations, data discrepancies, processes, and policies:  SSC Campus Program Owner

Can I have access to the SSC Campus platform?

Why can't I schedule an appointment at x location?

Why don't I have access to x, when my colleague does?

Should we run a college-wide campaign to support transfer student degree planning?

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

Informational Handouts

User Guide:  Provides an overview of the features with the SSC Campus system.


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