Social Work Graduate Student Association

Social Work Graduate Student Association LogoWelcome! For more information visit our Facebook or contact the following: unrswgsa@gmail.com

SWGSA Officers 2016-2017:

President:                   Becca Holler:              becca.holler05@gmail.com
Vice President:         Tori Smith:                  vrsmith0@gmail.com
Secretary:                   Zenon Post:                 zenpost@yahoo.com
Treasurer:                  Amanda Jasso:          amandarjasso@gmail.com    
Events Chair:             Shelby Grana:              shelbylynngrana@gmail.com
Faculty Liaison:         Jamie Peterson:          jamielynpeterson@gmail.com
Faculty Advisor:         Dorothy Farrel, Ph.D.: dfarrel@unr.edu        

Biweekly meetings will be held on Friday, 12:00-12:45 in PSAC 114, beginning 9/9/16.