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The University's Bachelor of Social Work curriculum gives students a rich overview of subjects that inform modern social work practice, such as social work research, micro and mezzo systems, human development and social welfare history. 

For more information on the pre-requisites for the BSW program, email the BSW advising staff.

All BSW students at the University must complete a professional sequence that encompasses a series of classes tied to a 450-hour internship at a social service agency. These classes in conjunction with the internship are designed to provide the professional socialization, knowledge, values and skills needed for entry-level Social Work practice. Students may apply to the professional sequence during the winter of their junior year. 

Students entering the professional sequence are expected to be ready to engage with clients, to practice within the boundaries and scope of the profession and to behave in manners congruent with the profession's values and ethics. While this sequence of classes and internship may be completed in one full-time or two part-time academic years, it is designed to be a culminating experience during the student's senior year. 

Students who meet the following requirements may apply for admission to the professional sequence:

  1. Complete all of the University and Departmental Core requirements, with the exception of capstone and social work elective courses, by the conclusion of the spring semester of the year they apply
  2. Maintain an overall grade-point average of 2.5 or higher (exceptions may occasionally be considered for students who do not meet the GPA requirement, but in the professional judgment of the faculty demonstrate exceptional potential for Social Work through strong community service and/or leadership experiences)
  3. Complete SW 101, SW 250, SW 310, and SW 321 with a grade of C or higher in each course; and have completed or enrolled in SW 311
  4. Submit formal applications to: a) The University of Nevada, Reno (applicable for students transferring to the University), and b) The School of Social Work
  5. Submit responses to essay questions as found on the third page of the BSW program application
  6. Submit two professional references (must use BSW recommendation form)
  7. Submit a current copy of an University Academic Requirement Report (ARR), Course History and if applicable, Transfer Credit Report (all documents listed found in MyNEVADA)

BSW Program Application

BSW Program Recommendation Form

BSW State Licensing Board Requirements

The application deadline for admission to the professional sequence is Jan. 15 (for the following fall semester).  Should Jan. 15 fall on a weekend or holiday, all completed application packets must be received by the School of Social Work office by the end of business (5:00 p.m. P.S.T.) the last weekday before Jan. 15. Admission decisions occur during spring semester and students accepted into the major begin 400-level Social Work courses the following fall semester.

In collaboration with Great Basin College (GBC), the University of Nevada's School of Social Work also offers a 3 + 1 program for students who reside in rural Nevada and wish to pursue a BSW degree. Through this program, students are able to complete the equivalent of the first three years of academic study at GBC and their final year through the University.

Students in this program will be able to complete most of the University and Departmental Core through GBC. Upon being accepted to the University of Nevada, Reno, and the professional sequence, students will complete their final coursework -- no less than 32 credits -- through the University. The professional sequence courses will be offered via a combination of online courses, face-to-face weekend labs and field internships.

For questions about applying to the BSW program, please contact our advising department.

BSW advising department