Establishing a partnership with the University

Site assessment

The Site Assessment Form is to determine if there are any issues or risks at the Site that might cause student health and safety concerns. The form is specific to a particular site or location of an organization. If an organization has more than one location, a site assessment form will have to be completed for each location where a student is being sent.

Partner agreement

The Organization Agreement is to ensure the Organization and the University are aware of their respective responsibilities for the Community Learning Opportunity component of the course or activity. The Organization Agreement's provisions include, but are not limited to, the statement of purpose of the agreement, the structure and support of students, the term length of the agreement, considerations of FERPA and other confidentiality issues, general provisions (including insurance and liability requirements), and other considerations specific to student placement. The Organization Agreement is usually for a three-year term.


Organizations need to procure and maintain General Liability insurance, comprehensive or commercial form with $1,000,000 minimum limit for each Occurrence and minimum limit of $2,000,000 General Aggregate or provide documentation that the Learning Site is self-insured. The Learning Site shall procure and maintain Workers Compensation insurance if required by applicable state statute. If the student is participating in a paid internship or paid Learning Activity, the student shall be considered an employee of the Learning Site and shall be covered under the Learning Site's worker's compensation and liability insurance. If the student is not being paid, the student shall be considered a volunteer and the Learning Site shall provide insurance coverage for the volunteering student either under its workers' compensation policy or a volunteer accident insurance policy. The University shall be named as an additional insured for all liability arising from this Agreement and be added to the insurance policy as an "additional insured."

If you are interested in learning more about the process of becoming a community partner, or if you have questions, please email Abbey Grimmer.