Online MPH curriculum

Through our extensive online MPH in Public Health Practice curriculum, future public health practitioners, educators and leaders can develop broad, research-based knowledge of public health, policy and practice. This 45-credit program focusing on general public health practice consists of:

  • 21 Credit Hours in Core Curriculum
  • 18 Credit Hours Specialization (Public Health Practice)
  • 3 Credit Hours Practicum
  • 3 Credit Hours Capstone

Core courses

See the table below for a list of core courses

List of Core courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
CHS 700 Research Methods for Public Health 3 credits
CHS 701 Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Health 3 credits
CHS 712 Epidemiology in Public Health 3 credits
CHS 725 Health and the Environment 3 credits
CHS 755 Health Policy 3 credits
CHS 756 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Health Services 3 credits
CHS 780 Biostatistics 3 credits

Public health practice courses

See the table below for a list of Public Health Practice (specialization courses).

List of Public Health Practice (specialization courses)
Course Number Course Name Credits
CHS 702 Program Development in Public Health Practice 3 credits
CHS 716 Public Health Finance 3 credits
CHS 733 Introduction to GIS in Public Health 1 credit
CHS 734 Project Management Principles for Public Health 1 credit
CHS 735 Public Health Emergency Preparedness 1 credit
CHS 748 Epidemiologic Surveillance 3 credits
CHS 761 Public Health Law 3 credits
CHS 762 Public Health Information Systems and Data Management 3 credits

Field studies – The MPH culminating experience

Field studies is required of all students earning a graduate degree in public health. It allows each student the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the didactic courses to real-world experience in a public health setting as well as develop valuable professional and leadership skills all while completing a graduate project. The field experience is a minimum of 150-hours completed over three consecutive semesters. The scope of the graduate project varies from student to student based on the agency, institution, or organizational needs of the host site, the student’s previous experience, and career goals as well as their specific area of interest in public health.

List of culminating experience courses
Course Number Course Name Credits
CHS 796 MPH Capstone 3 credits
CHS 798 Field Studies in Public Health 3 credits