Carolyn M. Warner, Ph.D.

Chair; Vail Pittman Professor of Political Science
Carolyn Warner


Carolyn Warner is chair and Vail Pittman professor of political science at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her main research and teaching fields are religion and politics, gendered violence and political corruption. Current research includes a project on the politics of sex abuse in the military and in the Catholic Church, and a National Science Foundation funded project on the role of religion in asymmetric conflict (approximately $1 million, PI), among other projects. She has been a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University, a Jean Monnet fellow at the European University Institute, a national fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, a fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law, Stanford University, a visiting professor at Harvard University, and has received other grants from the National Science Foundation, Templeton/Science of Generosity and the Luce Foundation.

Warner is on the executive board of the Association for the Study of Religion, Economics and Culture, and a regular faculty mentor in the Institute for the Study of Religion, Economics and Society's annual graduate workshop. She is a faculty affiliate in the Gendered Violence Research Network and the Association for Analytic Learning about Islam and Muslim Societies.

Warner joined the University of Nevada, Reno in 2019, coming from Arizona State University. There, she served as faculty head of political science in the School of Politics and Global Studies, as a core faculty affiliate of the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict,and on a number of University committees. She is proficient in French and Italian.

Research interests

  • Religion and politics
  • Gendered violence
  • Institutions and bureaucracies
  • Military and politics
  • Political corruption

Courses taught

  • Religion and Politics
  • Religion, War and Peace
  • Political Economy of Corruption
  • Comparative Politics Field Seminar
  • Politics of the European Union
  • Gender, Ethnic and Immigration Politics in Western Europe
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics


  • Carolyn M. Warner and Mia A. Armstrong. Assessing Gender Biases in the Military's Prosecution of Sexual Assault, with Evidence from U.S. Bases in Japan. Law & Society Review (June 2019).
  • Carolyn M. Warner. The Politics of Sex Abuse in Sacred Hierarchies. A Comparative Study of the Catholic Church and the Military in the United States. Religions, 10/4 (April, 2019). DOI 10.3390/rel10040281.
  • Carolyn M. Warner, Ramazan Kılınç, Christopher W. Hale and Adam B. Cohen. Generating Generosity in Catholicism and Islam: Beliefs, Institutions and Public Goods Provision. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Series in Economics, Choice, and Society, 2018.
  • Adam B. Cohen, Gina L. Mazza, Kathryn A. Johnson, Craig K. Enders, Carolyn M. Warner, Michael H. Pasek, and Jonathan E. Cook, Theorizing and measuring religiosity across cultures. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43 (2017): 1724-36.
  • Ramazan Kılınç and Carolyn M. Warner. Micro-Foundations of Religion and Public Goods Provision: Belief, Belonging and Giving in Catholicism and Islam. Politics and Religion, 8/4 (2015): 718–744.
  • Carolyn M. Warner, Ramazan Kılınç, Christopher W. Hale, Adam B. Cohen, Kathryn A. Johnson. Religion and Public Goods Provision: Experimental and Interview Evidence from Catholicism and Islam in Europe. Comparative Politics, 47/2 (Jan. 2015): 189–209.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Political Science, Harvard University, 1994
  • A.M., Political Science, Harvard University, 1988
  • B.A., Political Science, University of California San Diego, 1985