Course Descriptions

Looking for political science courses for next semester? Do you need upper division credits and CO 11 or CO 13? Check out these intriguing courses. For more information, and to learn about our other course offerings, contact one of our advisors, or view the course catalog for more information.

Summer courses in political science

Political science course descriptions. Please review the course catalog for accuracy.
Course Number Course Name Professor Description
PSC 400F Science Fiction and Politics Nicholas Seltzer The biggest myth in science fiction is that it is about the future rather than the present. Like social science, science fiction attempts to build from what we know – or what we think we know – of the trends and mechanisms underlying society in order to glimpse at the future that will result. Conversely, by studying the science fiction of a society we can learn a great deal about their ideas, dreams, frustrations, and fears. Come join us, as we explore the present and past through our collective imaginations of the future, as represented in science fiction print and film.
PSC 407Y/607Y Democratization and Authoritarianism Susanne Martin If democracy is so awesome, why aren’t all states becoming democratic? Why does the process of becoming a democracy so often coincide with increases in political violence, including terrorism, insurgency, and civil war? During this short mini-mester, we will talk about the varieties of democracies and durable authoritarian regimes found around the world and the challenges they pose for our understanding of political development and change. (CO11 and CO13)

Summer 2021 Internship Offerings

The internship process must begin with the student completing the Student Internship Expression of Interest Form.

Political science internship course descriptions. Please review the course catalog for accuracy.
Course Number Course Name
IAFF 350 International Affairs Internship
PSC 490/690F Public Service Internship
PSC 490G Congressional Internship

Summer 2021 Online Learning Course Offerings

Political science summer course descriptions. Please review the course catalog for accuracy.
Course Number Course Name Description
PSC 100 Nevada Constitution Introduction to the political history of Nevada through an examination of the Nevada Constitution. This course satisfies the Nevada Constitution requirement.
PSC 101 American Politics: Process and Behavior American government and the discipline of political science; surveys participation, pursuit and use of power, constitution formation, and contemporary political issues. Satisfies the U.S. and Nevada Constitution requirements.
PSC 220 Introduction to Basque Cultural Studies in a Global Frame Examines the representations of Basques worldwide in the media, the arts, scholarship, international politics and the Internet.
PSC 231 Introduction to International Relations Introduction to the study of international relations. Explores policy making institutions, foreign policies and politics of various nations.
PSC 304 The Legislative Process Study of the legislative process, with special emphasis on the U.S. Congress. Topics covered include internal distribution of power, external influences and current problems. Satisfies the U.S. Constitution requirement.
PSC 305 The American Presidency Study of the American presidency from 1787 to the present. Analysis of the powers of the President and the relationship of the office to the American political system.
PSC 378 Identity Across Borders Theories of globalization, social identity, diaspora foreign policy, identity construction, and nationalism are utilized to compare Basque individual and institutionalized ethnicity in the United States.
PSC 403J Political Ethics and Political Corruptions Nature of morals and ethics and their role in government and policy, especially in the American republic.
PSC 405/605H International Human Rights Introduce students with the major ideas, theories, and concepts that help us understand the central themes, issues, and policies in the formulation and implementation of international human rights policies.
PSC 405/605I Holocaust and Genocide Anti-Semitism, Nazism, and the effort to eliminate European Jewry; multicultural and multidisciplinary contexts.