Course Descriptions

Looking for political science courses for next semester? Do you need upper division credits and CO 11 or CO 13? Check out these intriguing courses. For more information, and to learn about our other course offerings, contact one of our advisors, or view the course catalog for more information.

*Prerequisites can sometimes be waived. Email the instructor for permission.

Fall courses in political science

Selected political science fall course descriptions. Please review the course catalog for accuracy.
Course Number Course Name Professor Description
PSC 323 Ancient and Medieval Political Theory Dr. Callum Ingram This course focuses on ancient and medieval writings about politics, government, economics, and culture. While many of the texts will feel very distant from our time and place, our conversation will focus on how these old understandings of topics like war, wealth, sexuality, identity, truth, democracy, and justice provide continuously surprising resources for understanding the present and speculating about the future. Offers CO12 credit.
PSC 404F/604F Administrative Law Judge James Spoo With this course, you will develop a foundation for how the legal basis of public administration shapes public management at all levels of government; you will be able to identify the core areas of administrative law, discuss and analyze how the judiciary shapes the legal environment of the administrative state, and evaluate how concepts and practices of administrative law interact with other areas of law in shaping public policy. Prerequisite PSC341 Waived with instructor permission.
PSC 405D/605D U.S. Foreign Policy Dr. Allison Evans This course spans topics from diplomacy to war, and everything in between. Learn how US priorities are translated into the international arena, and the theories that help scholars and policymakers understand the web of institutions and factors that shape US foreign policy. This course also fulfills the Culture, Geography, and Ideas requirement of the International Affairs. Prerequisites can be waived with instructor permission.
PSC 407F/607F Political Systems of China Dr. Xiaoyu Pu As China emerges as a global superpower, it is essential to understand China’s domestic policy processes and external behaviors. With the US-China relationship being the most consequential bilateral relationship in the 21st century, this course also offers an in-depth analysis of this critical relationship. It also provides a comprehensive exploration of Chinese politics. Whether you are interested in international affairs, business, or simply seeking to expand your knowledge of contemporary global issues, this course offers a valuable opportunity to deepen your understanding of contemporary China and its actions in the world.
PSC 408C/608C Emerging World Powers (BRICS) Dr. Xiaoyu Pu This course analyzes the domestic politics and foreign policy of the five emerging world powers known as BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These countries represent more than 40% of the world’s population and five of the largest 20 economies. As a group, these countries have established new international institutions and coordinated policies on a variety of issues, including global finance and climate change. Additionally, the foreign policies of China and Russia shape peace and war in Eurasia, making the course all the more important for those interested in global affairs. By the end of the course, students will have gained valuable insights into BRICS and their impact on the world stage, enabling them to analyze the complexities of global politics and economics. This course is an excellent opportunity for students looking to deepen their knowledge in area studies and international affairs. Prerequisites can be waived waived with instructor permission.