UC-Davis Ph.D. Student Wins the Nevada Medal for Distinguished Graduate Student Paper

6/1/2001 | By: Staff Report  |

"Shin-Tai Song a doctoral student in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of California, Davis, is the recipient of the first Nevada Medal for Distinguished Graduate Student Paper in Bridge Engineering," Professor M. Saiidi of the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Nevada, Reno announced recently.

Song is working under the direction of Professor Rob Chai of UC-Davis. His paper was selected among 11 entries from 6 countries. Evaluators were from a group of internationally recognized authorities in bridge research and design. The award includes a plaque, an engraved 14-K gold pin, and a $1,000 check. The funding for the award is provided through an endowment established by Simon Wong Engineering of San Diego, California. Mr. Wong completed a BSCE ('79) and an MSCE ('84) degree in civil engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno.

The title of Song's paper was "Live Load Distribution in Box Girder Bridges." A large number of bridges throughout the world are of box girder type. The way the weight of heavy trucks on these bridges is shared among different members is not well understood. As a result provisions in design codes are overly restrictive. Using elaborate computer simulation, Song was able to come up with rational recommendations that the evaluators found to be of great benefit to bridge designers and researchers. Song is very excited about his field of research and hopes to contribute to the bridge engineering profession by continuing his research and design following graduation.


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