College of Business leads fur fund for new mascot costumes

Mascot costumes are wearing thin for Alphie and the rest of the Pack. Show your support, and donate today!

College of Business Dean Greg Mosier shows his support alongside Alphie, Luna and members of the Nevada Cheerleading Team


1/30/2018 | By: Lucy Walker |

The College of Business is leading the pack to put the howl back into Wolfie, Jr., Alphie and Luna. Dean Greg Mosier is challenging Wolf Pack fans to raise enough silver to purchase six new mascot costumes (two costumes per mascot).

The average lifespan of a mascot costume is one to two years. The Alphie and Wolfie, Jr. costumes are seven to nine years-old.

With temperatures reaching 113 degrees plus under the fur, the mascots really work up a sweat. Buckets of sweat. Imagine wearing the same costume two hundred times a year for nine years.  It would make any self-respecting mascot turn blue.

Donate now to replace two Alphie; two Wolfie, Jr. and two Luna costumes at $2000 each or $12,000 total. 

Show your support.


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