Four University professors set to teach abroad in 2017-2018

Selections allow University professors to teach their own students as well as others overseas

7/20/2017 | By: Carmelo Urza |

Each year, University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) offers UNR faculty the opportunity to teach abroad at one of USAC's 30 specialty program locations.

The Visiting Professor program allows University students who are studying abroad to take courses in just about any discipline imaginable and allows faculty from the University and other affiliated universities to teach their own students as well as others going around the country and the world in an international setting. 

During the 2017-2018 academic year, four UNR faculty members will be teaching classes overseas. Starting in the fall, Louis Marvick, a professor in the Department of World Languages and Literatures will be teaching two classes in Lyon, France; The Modern World and Survey of French Literature I. The Modern World, a 200-level class will focus on student's understanding of the forces that have shaped western civilization from the Renaissance to the present day, with a heavy European focus. Survey of French Literature, a 300-level language course, will challenge students to read and analyze French literature from the Middle Ages to the 18th Century.

David Fenimore, a professor in the College of Liberal Arts will also be teaching abroad in the fall. He'll be leading courses in Professional Communications and the Art of Science of Storytelling in Bilbao, Spain. The 300-level, Professional Communications course will include practical techniques and best practices of multimedia business communication, copyediting skills, and international differences in formatting, emphasis, and layout. The Art of Science of Storytelling is a 400-level class that will provide students with practical experience in creating and delivering oral narrative, based on time-tested patterns and techniques of folktale telling.

In spring 2018, Sarah Blithe, an assistant professor and undergraduate advisor in the Communication Studies department will be teaching Intercultural Communication and Gender and Communication in Florianópolis, Brazil. The Intercultural Communication class is a 400/600-level class that will lead students through an examination of their own cultural identities and their interactions with others in order to better communicate with a variety of people. The Gender and Communication class examines gender as a historical and contemporary social practice that remains vital to identities, relationships, and institutions in society. It is also a 400/600-level class.

Students who will be studying abroad in Viterbo, Italy in spring 2018 will have the opportunity to take classes from Eunkang Koh, an assistant professor in the Art Department. Koh will be teaching Beginning Drawing: Drawing Viterbo and Intermediate Drawing: Drawing with History. The first class, a 100-level beginning drawing class is designed to generate competence in individual aesthetic style. The interrelation of painting and drawing with other media and disciplines will also be encouraged and issues on the interpretation of drawing and painting will be addressed. For her Intermediate Drawing class the medieval city of Viterbo will serve as a backdrop and inspiration for these studies, offering a vast treasure of fine architecture and mysterious symbols. The class is a 200-level course.

More than 100 University faculty have taught abroad with USAC. Professors interested in learning more about USAC's Visiting Professor Program can email Students who are interested in studying abroad and learning what classes are available should visit the USAC website or visit the USAC office located on the first floor of the Virginia Street Gym.  

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