Chinese Delegation visits University’s campus

USAC renews agreement with Southwest University for Nationalities

11/18/2013 | By: Annie Conway  |

A Chinese delegation visited the University campus to renew the Southwest University for Nationalities and University Studies Abroad Consortium agreement, Thursday, Nov. 14. 

The delegation was comprised of five administrators from the Southwest University for Nationalities who signed the agreement to continue the program which is one of two studies abroad opportunities available in China. The Southwest University for Nationalities has hosted the USAC program in Chengdu, China since September 2002.

"The renewal of the University's USAC and SWUN agreement and its signing provided a great opportunity for them to visit," Carmelo Urza, who has served as USAC director since 1982, said. 

The delegation included Wang Yongzheng, vice president of Southwest University for Nationalities, Wu Yongzhang, SWUN administrator, Wang Oitao, dean of the graduate college of Southwest University for Nationalities, Zhao Zhigang, dean of the chemical and environmental protection engineering college of Southwest University for Nationalities, and Zhao Bing, the dean of the city planning and construction college of Southwest University for Nationalities.

In addition to the signing ceremony with University Provost Kevin Carman, the delegation was given a campus tour. While the University's agreements with host universities are renewed on a regular basis, the University does not send official delegations to other universities. Instead, the University conducts site visits to the partnering universities with the USAC programs where faculty and administrators are able to sit in on classes, and talk with faculty and students.

Many faculty and administrators, such as University President Marc Johnson, visit USAC program sites when they travel abroad for work, research and vacations. Johnson has visited five study abroad sites. 

USAC is a non-profit study abroad organization made up of 33 U.S. Member Universities, including the University of Nevada, Reno, where the USAC Central Office is located. The organization provides university students with affordable study abroad programs with 41 locations in 26 countries, and celebrated its 30th anniversary fall 2012. Students are able to attend universities in other countries, providing them with a chance to study different cultures and learning techniques through classes, fieldtrips and hands-on experiences.

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