First Lady Michelle Obama visits campus

A crowd of about 3,800 fills the Quad to hear First Lady speak

10/3/2012 | By: John Trent  |

First Lady Michelle Obama hit the stage in front of Morrill Hall at a run on Wednesday on the University of Nevada, Reno, campus, and kept the lively pace going throughout a 29-minute address on the Quad.

Obama encouraged the crowd estimated at about 3,800 to register to vote and to "turn all this energy into action" over the final month of the 2012 presidential campaign.

Obama spoke often of the accomplishments of her husband, President Barack Obama.

Mrs. Obama told the crowd that, "Don't let anyone else tell you different. Elections are always about hope."

The First Lady was flanked by about 100 University students who wore Nevada colors and held campaign signs with the Obama campaign tagline, "FORWARD," printed on them.

"I understand it's Homecoming week," the First Lady said, drawing a loud cheer from the crowd. "I want to send all my love to the Wolf Pack. I hope you have a great Homecoming week."

After being introduced by a local grandmother who was also an Obama campaign volunteer, Mrs. Obama jogged across the portico of Morrill Hall, then ran down the stairs from Morrill to the stage on the Quad.

"I love you guys," she said, smiling and waving. "It's a perfect day on a beautiful campus with some amazing supporters."

Mrs. Obama described herself as "feeling pretty fired up and ready to go myself" about the presidential election, which will be held on Nov. 6 between her husband and the Republican challenger, Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

Mrs. Obama noted that it was her 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, and that she hadn't seen her husband all day. President Obama was preparing for Wednesday night's presidential debate with Gov. Romney in Denver.

"Although I have not seen my husband today, this is from me to you, honey ... happy twentieth anniversary," she said, drawing a loud collective "ahhh" from the crowd.

Mrs. Obama encouraged those in attendance to get involved with the presidential campaign. She said that such involvement was important, because it shows "we're a part of something bigger than ourselves."

She good-naturedly gave the crowd "marching orders ... directly from the First Lady ... if you want to give me an anniversary present ... we've got to turn all this energy into action," and reminded the students in attendance to register to vote by Oct. 6, to vote early, and then on election day do what she was planning on doing - help others get to the polls.


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