Hosting academic vitality

Hosting academic vitality

The Davidson Academy of Nevada has developed a new residential housing option, which will allow qualified students whose families are unable to relocate to Northern Nevada an opportunity to attend the school. Through this residential program, students from out of the area will live with local host families and attend the school beginning with the 2011-2012 school year.

“It may be difficult for some families to move to Northern Nevada for the Davidson Academy,” said Colleen Harsin, director of the Academy. “This housing option will offer students, who would otherwise miss this opportunity, the chance to attend school here.”

The Davidson Academy of Nevada is a public school for profoundly gifted middle and high school students located on the University of Nevada, Reno campus. This new housing option will allow these gifted students access to the education they deserve whether or not their families can relocate.

“Every year some students miss the opportunity to attend the Academy because their families are unable to relocate,” Harsin said. “A few students who were accepted for this school year were unable to make the move and are already looking forward to accessing this residential option for next year.”

All residential students from out of state will be required to pay tuition as well as room and board fees. In-state students will only be required to pay room and board fees.

“For those interested in being host families, you must be able to provide a home for these gifted students,” said Scooby Meredith, student activities coordinator for the Academy. “Host families will go through a screening process and the families will have a chance to meet the Davidson students before finalizing a living arrangement. The families do not necessarily have to live close to the University, but they must be willing to transport the student to classes, activities and other places.”

If you are interested in being a host family for a student in this unique population, please contact Scooby Meredith at for more details. The deadline to respond is Monday, Nov. 1.

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