Incoming freshmen feel the excitement

8/12/2009 | By: Jon Fortenbury  |

Josh Baskins is excited to move into White Pine Hall when the 2009 fall semester begins, away from his parents for the first time. Coming from Redding, Calif., though, he has mixed feelings about the move.

“I’m nervous but excited at same time,” Baskins, an 18-year-old business major, said recently during the University’s “Directions” new student orientation. “I’m nervous because I’m going out of my element, to a different state and to people I don’t know. But I’m excited about the experiences I’m going to have.”

Also accepted into UC-Davis, Baskins chose the University of Nevada, Reno because he loves the city, has a spot on the golf team and his father graduated from the University. He looks forward to the social atmosphere on campus as well as attending the basketball and football games.

“I’m looking forward to just being able to have fun and still learn at the same time,” he said.

Baskins wasn’t the only one from the new student orientation that chose Nevada over a California university. Tharika Yoe picked Reno over UCLA, as well as schools in her hometown of Las Vegas.

“Reno seemed like the nicest place to go and it’s not as expensive as California,” said Yoe, an 18-year-old biochemistry major.

It’s Yoe’s first time living away from her parents, which excites her but makes her think she might get homesick. She’ll be moving into Argenta Hall.

Feeling homesick is one thing Jennifer Isaak doesn’t have to worry about. A Reno native, Isaak chose the University so she can utilize the Millennium Scholarship at the state’s oldest institution of higher learning. She’s very excited to start college.

“It’s a new experience,” said Isaak, an 18-year-old art major. “I think it will kind of be like high school, just a little more freedom and more responsibility on me. I can’t wait!”

Though Isaak plans to continue living at home, she still wants to be involved on campus. She may try to join a sorority and hopes to join an art club.

Matthew Tooth also wants to be involved on campus. Moving to Reno from Las Vegas, Tooth hopes to join an honors fraternity and the Society of Physics Students (SPS). He can’t wait to get his college career started.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to learn a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people,” said Tooth, an 18-year-old physics major. “It will be fun.”

Moving into Nye Hall, it will be Tooth’s first time living away from his parents. This is one of many reasons why he chose Reno over his hometown of Las Vegas. The University also stood out academically to him.

“Out of the several options in Nevada, Reno is far greater than the others,” he said.


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