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Undergraduate student blogs countdown to graduation.

3/19/2009 | By: Guia Del Prado  |

If I fail at anything else, I will always be good at introspection. I’ve kept journals since I was seven, when my mom first gave me a daily five-year diary. It was red, leather bound, and was locked with a key. It had three lines for each day, so whatever I was thinking or doing had to be reduced to three sentences. It was the 1990s Twitter for young girls.

I moved on to notebooks and have adjusted to modern technology. I’ve had a Livejournal since I was 15 (don’t laugh), though I don’t write in it as often as I once did. I got too busy to maintain daily entries when I started college, but I’m still as introspective as I’ve ever been.

As a 22-year-old English major and a near Reno native graduating this May, I found myself asking new questions. Big questions with big words like growth, choice, career, and the most terrifying: future. Like many others who have caught on before me, I realized it was time to join the blogosphere again.

I took up a blog, called “16 weeks” for the amount of weeks in the spring semester, to do just that. I write about my daily life and classes and the anxieties that come along with it. About the University of Nevada, Reno and about videogames. About writing (I’m the first one to do that, right?) and traveling. I write about my supposed plans for the future: backpacking through Europe and making it in the Big Apple. About my family life and my hobbies. And of course, about graduation.

If you’re interested in reading about graduation and getting an inside look at a University student’s life, you’re welcome to take a look. And if I sound too self-aggrandizing or neurotic or boring or if you have something to say about any of the entries, feel free to comment, as long as you keep it PG-13.


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