Medical school programs announce chief residents

Medical school programs announce chief residents

Twenty-five total medical residents at the University of Nevada School of Medicine have achieved chief resident status. This number includes six graduates from the School’s Classes of 2004, 2005 and 2006 who were named as chief residents in their respective training programs.

Yvette Kaunismaki, M.D., a graduate from the Class of 2004, is completing her residency in the School of Medicine’s psychiatry residency in Reno.

Three alumni from the Class of 2005 will serve as chief residents with the School of Medicine: Olivia Baugh, M.D., internal medicine in Reno; Aditi Singh, M.D., internal medicine in Las Vegas; and Aimee Fleury, M.D., who completes her final year of residency in obstetrics and gynecology in Las Vegas.

Alums from the Class of 2006 serving as chief residents in family and community medicine with the School of Medicine include Amanda Casey, M.D. in Reno and Kate Martin, M.D. in Las Vegas.

Others named as chief residents for School of Medicine residency programs in Reno include: Jeremy Matuszak, M.D., child psychiatry; Suraj Varma, M.D., family medicine; Kameron Ferdowsali, M.D., internal medicine; and Jacob Doris, M.D., psychiatry. Las Vegas chief residents include Lisa Thayer, M.D., family medicine; Hilary Crawford, D.O. and Mark Burdick, D.O., emergency medicine; Julian Almedya-Perez, M.D. and Elham Taherian, M.D., internal medicine; Hanna Chehade, M.D. and Adam Murray, M.D., obstetrics and gynecology; Shruti Kant, M.D. and Sonya Aikels, D.O., pediatrics; Richard Baynosa, M.D., plastic surgery; Marian Orr, D.O. and Stephanie Skow, M.D., psychiatry; and Elijah Johnson, M.D., Orna Fisher, M.D. and Allison Davis, M.D. all in general surgery.

Residency is a stage of post-graduate medical training that leads to eligibility for board-certification in a primary care or a specialty. Programs are filled with physicians who have received a medical degree. Their training is composed almost entirely in the care of patients in the in-patient or out-patient setting with direct supervision by more senior physician faculty.

A chief resident is a senior-level resident or resident graduate who has been selected for administrative and training responsibilities within the residency program that are in addition to those regularly performed by other residents in his or her department and post-graduate year. The new chief residents will assume their roles July 1.

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