A ‘terribly’ good administrative aid is top student worker

6/10/2008 | By: Guia Del Prado  |

“She’s terrible,” says Chantal Dibble, smiling, as she talks about student employee Shelby Davis. “I don’t know why we nominated her.”

Davis, this year’s Student Employee of the Year, hears the remarks and smiles back as she walks by with a sheaf of papers.

As the top student employee on campus, the 21-year-old health ecology major received two framed certificates, one from the governor, and a $200 gift card for the Associated Students of Nevada bookstore, which she plans to use on school books.

“It was exciting because all the head honchos were there,” Davis says. “It was also great to be recognized and have the opportunity to enjoy that for a moment.”

As an administrative aid, Davis contributes in various ways to Admissions and Records. She is responsible for some record keeping, filing and indexing. Davis has especially excelled at managing and maintaining the office supply ordering, Dibble and Maile say.

“She really took control of the inventory and really spearheaded that,” Dibble says.

Davis has the longest tenure of any student worker in Admissions and Records and has the experience to show for it. In her three years time working there, she has come to understand the nuances of the office and often knows what to expect.

“Once the office posted the grades and had transcripts sent out, we’ve been pretty slow,” Davis says. “But there are always things to do.”

Davis’ infectious ambition and her ability to keep busy and take initiative continually impress Dibble and Maile. They often assign projects to Davis without needing to provide detailed instructions and know that the task will be done well.

“We can be out of the office and not have to worry about what she’s doing,” Maile says. “She’s always helping other people.”

Maile hired Davis just after she graduated from high school.

“It’s been fun working with her and watching her grow,” Maile says.

With the time they have spent together in the office, Davis knows Maile and Dibble on a personal yet professional level.

“We get along very well,” Davis says. “They know my family and I know theirs. I know what’s happening in their lives and vice versa.”

When asked why she thinks she was nominated by her supervisors, Davis remains humble.

“I guess what I do is appreciated and I help them get their jobs done quickly, efficiently and well,” Davis says.


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