Prospective students find their 'destination' through Destination Nevada

12/3/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

There is a day each academic year that every student is familiar with. It is the day that new freshman walk around campus with maps, wide eyes and questions.  We all remember that day. The day we walked onto a college campus and realized just how much high school doesn't compare to this.

However special or intimidating this day is, it is a scene that is happening less and less at the University of Nevada, Reno as each year passes. The reason?  Destination Nevada is a program developed through the Office of Prospective Students that aims to integrate students into the university lifestyle before they even begin college.

The program combines practical information with the experience of real university life, giving prospective students the chance to experience what college is like, ask questions and ultimately help them make the decision to enroll at the University or to go to another school.

This enrollment event began in fall 2003 and was called, "Wolf Pack Fridays."  The program changed its name to "Destination Nevada" three years ago because of events and tours held other than Fridays.

The next Destination Nevada event is on Thursday, Dec. 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit the Destination Nevada Web site to make a reservation to experience and enjoy a day of campus life. College-bound students are invited and welcome to bring their maps, wide-eyes and questions.
"The students not only visit campus but also talk to faculty, visit the dorms, hear presentations,  have an opportunity to ask current students questions and learn what it's like to be in college," said Stephani Foust, the admissions and recruitment coordinator for the Office for Prospective Students.

According to Foust, the events and the attendance have doubled since its inception, but getting the word out about the program is still an important programming issue for the Office.

"Destination Nevada plans to reach out to more local high schools and integrate more Washoe County students," Foust said.

Destination Nevada invites all prospective students and their families to make the most of their day on the University campus, enjoy a packed schedule by meeting with representatives from several university departments, eating lunch and ending the day by touring the dorms. 


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