Native American students sell tacos to raise awareness

11/1/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

The Native American Student Organization hosts an Indian Taco Sale on Thursday, Nov. 1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in an effort to raise funds for the club and promote and educate students about the Native American culture and tradition.

The Indian Taco is a significant part of Native American traditional cuisine. The taco is made of deep fried bread, seasoned beef, pinto beans, cheese and lettuce. Hot sauce and tomatoes may be added to it. The tacos will sell for $7 with a soda and $6 without a soda. The fried bread, which is the main difference between Mexican tacos and Indian tacos, is also sold separately for $3. It can be eaten with honey or powdered sugar, much like a funnel cake.

Many people are not familiar with the Indian Taco. Kari Emm, outreach and retention coordinator for the Center for Student Cultural Diversity, believes the sale will promote this important Native American culture to the campus.

"It is unique to the Native American culture and is something we fell would promote not only our culture but the Organization as well," Emm said.

Emm hopes to sell 100 Indian Tacos. This is the first Taco Sale the Organization has ever hosted, but Emm hopes to continue the trend in the coming years if this event proves successful.

"The sale is new to the Organization and hopefully it will become an annual occurrence," Emm said.

The Native American Student Organization is made up mostly of Native American students but membership is open to everyone. It helps to promote Native American culture on the campus. Emm believes the Organization's most important function is providing a support system for Native American students.


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