Chengdu University officials renew USAC program

7/5/2007 | By: Staff Report  |

The University Studies Abroad Consortium, also known as USAC, and the University welcomed a delegation from the Southwest University Of Nationalities (SWUN) in Chengdu, China to the University campus to renew the study abroad program agreement and tour the Reno-Tahoe area on Tuesday, July 3.

The renewal of the four-year-old program represents the good relationship between the two universities and the great benefits American students receive with studying in the Chengdu area, according to Carmelo Urza, director of USAC.

"Our students have fallen in love with SWUN and Chengdu," Urza said. "So many of them return to Chengdu to work or visit their friends."

The Chengdu program offers students an on-campus dormitory and classes specifically designed for them, such as intensive Chinese language classes, art history, and economics. Economics is a fitting subject, for students interested in studying abroad in China, which has an increasing manufacturing and business role in the world market, Urza said.

"The country transformed from a third world country to a cutting-edge manufacturing and business giant," Urza said. "As a result, it's important for Americans to become familiar with the country and their history, their people and their language."

The signing ceremony allowed the SWUN visitors to meet with President Milton Glick, Urza and Vice Provost of Instruction and Undergraduate Programs Bill Cathey. The Chinese delegation was made up of the vice president, the Director of the International Education and International Programs, a professor of the School of Economics and a professor of the Nationalities Research Institute at SWUN.

President Glick asserted his belief in the importance of receiving education overseas, emphasizing the benefits both University and Chinese students have to gain in studying abroad.

"We believe we have much to learn from you and hope you have much to learn from us," Glick said, "One of the only ways to understand the world is to spend time there and meet with the teachers, families, scholars and businesses of our sister nation of China."

The vice president of the SWUN Chinese delegation spoke through a translator, expressing his thanks for the invitation to the campus and extending his own invitation to Urza and Glick to the SWUN campus.

"Thank you for the invitation to visit the campus and to develop the relationship between the two universities," Xinyu said. "We hope to see Carmelo and President Glick in China soon."

Urza hopes the delegation's visit to the University will expand the idea of SWUN students studying here at the University.

"We think it's important for them to come away with an idea of who their partners are," Urza said. "Even to the extent of the knowledge that they can send their students here, as well."


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