Story | 5/24/2018

Cayla Harvey and Austin Kost will attend Technische Universität over the summer as part of the engineering exchange program

Story | 5/23/2018

Four outstanding engineering students named to Biggest Little Makers team will represent Reno’s burgeoning innovation and maker culture

Story | 5/22/2018

2018 Foundation Established Innovator Awardee is working with compounds that have the potential to save lives and improve health

Blog | 5/22/2018

2018 graduate tells audience that it's all about finding connections, through family, through friends, through understanding

Story | 5/22/2018

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director at the Reynolds School of Journalism Howard Goldbaum discusses the future of VR

Story | 5/21/2018

UNR Med Class of 2018 ready to make a positive impact

Story | 5/21/2018

University confers record number of degrees and holds all four ceremonies on the Quad

Story | 5/21/2018

For this week's episode of Mineral Monday, learn about this common mineral that comes in many different colors.

Story | 5/18/2018

Fifth-place finish marks new best for Nevada's Academic WorldQuest team

Blog | 5/18/2018

Graduating from college can mean many things, including that the journey is far from over

Announcement | 5/18/2018

There is no evidence or reason to believe that any breaches have occurred to any University system. However, we do advise users to be extra cautious of possible phishing attacks by following these steps: 1. Do NOT click on any links from suspicious emails; 2. Do NOT share account information; 3. Do NOT enter any of your credentials on suspicious or unknown websites; 4. DO forward suspicious email messages to Contact or 775-682-5000 for more info.