Story | 2/14/2018

Readers were able to choose from 17 different stories told by the people who experienced them

Story | 2/13/2018

University to host 25 young African leaders for a six week long workshop that will engage in professional and academic opportunities

Announcement | 2/13/2018

For the first time, the University of Nevada Reno's four main governing bodies, Graduate Student Association, The Associated Students of the University of Nevada, Reno, Faculty Senate and Staff Employees' Council, are collaborating, 9 a.m.-noon, Thursday, Feb. 22, to form the University Leadership Alliance (ULA) in order to establish collective representation of the University community. At this meeting in the Joe Crowley Student Union Milt Glick Ballroom C, the ULA board (three executive members of each governing body) and University administrative leaders are gathering to discuss priorities, goals, new initiatives, campus diversity issues and other matters that affect the University community. The meeting is open to the public and will include opportunities for public comment and open discussion so that members of the campus community and other stakeholders can express their concerns to the ULA board and the University Administration. We hope that the meeting will provide a vibrant platform for enhancing transparency in communication between University administration and constituents. Contact your representative on the appropriate governing body to relay your input.

Story | 2/12/2018

Highlighted: Upcoming campus climate survey, GRI initiatives, Diversity Plan and more

Story | 2/12/2018

This week, learn about the mineral staurolite and its unique twinned formation.

Story | 2/9/2018

The regional competition was co-hosted by the University’s Honors Program and the Northern Nevada International Center

Story | 2/9/2018

Associate Professor, Jaime Leaños, publishes new book on letter by Pope Pius II

Story | 2/9/2018

Misinformation is dangerous. Debunking these human papillomavirus myths could save your life.

Story | 2/8/2018

The University's black players helped bench college football's "gentleman's agreement" and changed college football forever

Blog | 2/8/2018

Diversity and multiculturalism should be woven into all areas of the college experience, and this includes bringing to light some black scientists who mad major contributions to their fields.

Story | 2/7/2018

Dr. James Harris and Dr. Lori Rawson named surgery co-chairs

Announcement | 2/6/2018

Facilities Services will make vehicle and pedestrian traffic improvements to South Medical Way. The work will include: conversion of the road to one-way traffic, new signage and markings, construction of a new sidewalk, curb and gutter on South Medical Way, and reconstruction of the existing sidewalk at the intersection of East Stadium Way and South Medical Way. South Medical Way will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for the duration of the project, and will reopen as a one-way street in the eastbound direction. Access for all adjacent buildings will be maintained throughout the project. All parking on the south side of the Family Medicine Center (Brigham Building) and Nell J. Redfield Building will be closed for the duration of the project. Permit holders may park in other Silver 10 lots, or in the Tan parking lot, just north of Mackay Stadium. The stairs south of the Family Medicine Center (Brigham Building) and Nell J. Redfield Building will be closed for the duration of the project. Please email with any questions or concerns regarding this work.