Story | 2/21/2018

College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources lab receives grant from National Institute of Health for tick research

Story | 2/21/2018

After nearly loosing national accreditation during The Great Recession, the College of Education programs receive four, eight-year accreditations offering a telling comeback story

Story | 2/21/2018

The police department is encouraging all citizens to follow established guidelines, exercise caution and be alert while driving and walking

Story | 2/21/2018

Researchers reconstruct the relationship between changing sociopolitical conditions and their effect on the landscape.

Announcement | 2/20/2018

SUMMER and FALL textbook course requests are due Thursday, March 15, 2018, to the Nevada Wolf Shop. The Wolf Shop needs time to research and source the least expensive options possible to pass along the savings to the students. Include information on access codes, online assignments, and/or supplies that may be required for your students. The Nevada Wolf Shop: Every Purchase Supports Every Student.

Story | 2/20/2018

Cooperative Extension hosts fourth annual Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities Conference

Blog | 2/20/2018

ULA to discuss new initiatives, campus diveristy issues and other matters pertinent to the University community on Feb. 22

Story | 2/19/2018

The mineral hematite is considered the most important iron ore because it is mined and then refined into iron.

Story | 2/15/2018

Locally founded study abroad organization honored by

Story | 2/15/2018

University cybersecurity grant works to better safeguard the cyber landscape

Story | 2/15/2018

World-renowned theoretical physicist S. James Gates Jr. is known for his research on supersymmetry as well as his advocacy for diversity in education.

Story | 2/14/2018

'Selected Durations' will be recognized by the Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design