Story | 6/22/2018

College of Liberal Arts faculty members have busy summer winning awards and grants

Story | 6/21/2018

Africa's emerging business and entrepreneurship leaders set to arrive for a six-week Academic and Leadership Institute

Story | 6/21/2018

VR sickness to be studied by University of Nevada, Reno team

Story | 6/20/2018

Reynolds School professor awarded prestigious Google Research Award to improve Google Maps in minority communities

Story | 6/19/2018

Reynolds School alumna Stephanie Serrano awarded for her student reporting of Reno 1868 FC

Story | 6/18/2018

Rapid-diagnostic test based on research and commercialized discovery by Thomas Kozel is named to World Health Organization’s Model List

Story | 6/18/2018

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday and learn about the mineral stibnite.

Story | 6/15/2018

Program combats shortage of Nevada healthcare providers and improves healthcare access

Story | 6/13/2018

Cooperative Extension Master Gardener milkweed study result gives hope for dwindling butterfly numbers

Story | 6/13/2018

Past University research honorees offer faculty community a voice on campus and beyond

Story | 6/11/2018

Watch this week's episode of Mineral Monday about the many fluorite specimens on display at the Keck Museum.

Story | 6/8/2018

University’s Christopher Barile discusses how smart windows can be the future of windows