Financial Coaching

Nevada Money Mentors offers free 1:1 Financial Coaching appointments T/W/Th from 9am-2pm.  Each session last approximately one hour and helps students identify personal financial goals. 

If you'd like to learn more about Nevada Money Mentors or sign-up for a free, individualized one-on-one financial coaching session, please complete the form below. 

What is Financial Coaching?

Financial Coaching is a process where you work towards personalized goals to improve your financial well-being. Nevada Money Mentors offers tools, resources, encouragement, and monitoring throughout coaching.  Those who participate in financial coaching have seen success in developing their own custom budgets, gaining a better understanding of credit, and understanding how to manage student loans and scholarships effectively. 

Here's What Our Students Say...

Coaching was very eye-opening because I was used to estimating where my money goes, but it's a different task to play with the actual numbers. I also built better habits as time went on. I definitely noticed a shift in my thinking. - UNR Student

It's really nice to be able to sit down and look at the overall picture.  It's amazing that our money is where a lot of unrest lies and to be able to walk away with a plan is good, it's really good. - UNR Alumni

In terms of the budget, it is awesome because I know exactly where every dollar is going. I feel in control of my finances in a way that I haven't previously. - UNR Student

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