Current projects

Statistical models for group comparison of functional MRI data
Mihye Ahn

Multisensory Temporal Processing in Early Deaf Adults
Fang Jiang

Role of motor signals for perception during self-motion
Paul MacNeilage

Functional Diversity of Olfactory Receptor Neurons
Dennis Mathew

Dark side of night lighting: Effects of light spectra on neurosensory function
Jenny Ouyang

Pilot Projects

The Neural Mechanisms Underlying Visually-Guide Prey-Capture in the Mouse
Jennifer Hoy

Maturation and Plasticity Mechanisms of Dentate Parvalbumin-Expressing Inhibitory Cells
Simon Pieraut

Past Projects

Understanding the Neural Basis of Working Memory to Improve WM Function
Marian Berryhill

Behavioral and neural investigations of spatiotemporal form integration in healthy, sleep-restricted and brain-injured persons
Gideon Caplovitz

Using Socially Assistive Robot Assistants to Augment Neuro-Rehabilitation Exercise Therapy
David Feil-Seifer

Sensory Plasticity and Aging
Fang Jiang

Temperature control of the C. elegans circadian clock
Alexander van der Linden

Mechanisms of 3' UTR Lengthening and its Function in Axon Guidance
Pedro Miura

Comparing cognition, behavior, and neural responses to real objects versus images
Jacqueline Snow

Word recognition and the visual cortical processing of two-dimensional shape information
Lars Strother

The role of DOMINO in regulation of circadian rhythms in Drosophila
Yong Zhang

Engineering Magnetofluorescent Nanoparticles for Neurological Disease Diagnosis
Xiaoshan Zhu