Library Resource List

Who can use the library?

Parents as well as individuals involved with special education can use the Nevada Dual Sensory Impairment Project library. This includes the Nevada State Department of Education personnel, educators, related service professionals, parents, community groups...anyone who is interested in individuals with special needs.

How does the library work?

Interested individuals may request materials 2 different ways:

  1. Fill out the order form below.
  2. Call the project and request the materials by phone ((775) 784-6471 in the Reno area, or
    (877) 621-5042 toll-free in Nevada).

Materials are sent to borrowers with a cover letter, evaluation forms, and a return envelope (or other supplies). The return postage is the borrower's responsibility.

Materials are checked-out for 1 month. If a borrow needs extra time with a resource, they may contact the project to request additional time.

If materials are damaged or lost while in the possession of a borrower, the borrower will be charged to replace the damaged/lost item.

The evaluation forms are a very important component of the lending library. Borrowers will receive one evaluation form for each material requested. Although this may be a tedious task for some, evaluating ALL project activities is VERY important for the continuation of funding.

Library Form

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