Education Training and Technical Assistance Project


Ida Roberts
Phone: 775-682-9055

The Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities, in collaboration with the Nevada Department of Education, Office of Special Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, and School Improvement Programs, proposes to coordinate training and technical assistance for Nevada on current issues and trends in the education of children with disabilities, ages 3 to 22.  Training is necessary to ensure that school personnel, such as members of school improvement teams, possess the knowledge and capacity to lead efforts to increase student achievement.  

One major goal of this project will be to support the development a statewide education conference to be offered in the spring of 2015.  This mega conference will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss issues around school improvement and provide examples of model schools to showcase what successful schools are doing.  This conference offered in collaboration with the Nevada Department of Education and the University, provides data based training on multiple issues related to the education of all students, including those students who have disabilities.

The Project will also provide assistance in the coordination of multiple trainings undertaken in collaboration with school districts, Nevada PEP, the University Center for Excellence, Family Resource Centers, and others to fulfill corrective action plans and realize IDEA implementation efforts.