Mission Statement

Founded in 1992, the Grant Sawyer Center for Justice Studies is committed to facilitating research and stimulating education in justice studies. Issues of justice in today's societies arise in a wide number of disciplines, including virtually all of the social sciences and many biomedical sciences, physical sciences, engineering and humanities. The Center, at the University of Nevada, Reno, is an effort to draw together these disparate interests, specifically to encourage research on broad issues of social justice. The Grant Sawyer Center for Justice Studies was named after past Nevada Governor Grant Sawyer. The Center is proud to bear Governor Sawyer's name and is committed to upholding his strong commitment to civil rights and social justice.

Three primary missions

  • To stimulate and integrate theoretical and applied research on issues of social and interpersonal justice.
  • To offer and to promote educational programs in justice studies.
  • To foster programs that are of service to the community, the state and the nation on matters of justice.