Suggested Literature

Casino Management Series

Casino Math

Practical Casino

A definitive guide to the underlying mathematical principles governing casino gambling.

Casino Credit

Casino Credit & Collection

Presents policy and practice issues concerning the granting and collection of credit by regulated casinos.

Table Games Management

Table Games Management

Gives information about table game operations, including customer service and countering card counting.

Slots Operations

Slots Operations, the Math and the Myth

Covers all of the necessary aspects to run a successful slots operation.

Casino Marketing

Casino Marketing

Presents the fundamentals of casino marketing and provides an outline of how a casino can organize its marketing plan.

Other Publications

Optimal Play

Optimal Play: Mathematical Studies of Games and Gambling

Provides mathematically rich and pragmatically enlightening discussions about nearly the entire spectrum of gambling, gaming and sports betting.

Integrated Resort Casinos

Integrated Resort Casinos

Examines the benefits and challenges of building resort casinos in a world where gambling is nearly ubiquitous.


GPPC: Gambling Patient Placement Criteria

Gives a systematic logical approach to determining the optimal level of care needed for a gambling patient at each stage of treatment.

Indian Gaming

Indian Gaming & the Law

Provides a fascination snapshot of attitudes, projections, predictions, fears, and assessments of Indian gaming following the passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Intl. Casino Law

International Casino Law, 3rd Edition

A must-have publication for government regulators, legislators, libraries, and others interested in public policy regarding legalized commercial gaming.

Designing Casinos

Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition

This is an important book for casino managers, owners, analysts, designers, and potential investors that have stakes in casino ventures.

The Downside

The Downside: Problem and Pathological Gambling

A philosophic and pragmatic examination of the downsides of gambling and gaming with insight from industry experts.

Gambling Public Policies

Gambling: Public Policies and the Social Sciences

The spread of commercial gaming across the globe has introduced new and unique challenges for the public and policy makers. An assessment of efforts to reform and promote the industry.