University Alert - Windows

University Alert - Windows

Windows on the University Network

If your computer is hard-wired into the University network, and you log into it with your NetID, then the University Alert application will be automatically installed.

Manually Install the Application

If you are connected to the wireless network, or your computer is not managed by the IT department, or you do not log into your computer with your NetID, then you will need to manually install the University Alert application.

  1. Click on the "University Alert" link below to access the University Alert application site. This site is not located on a University of Nevada, Reno website.

  2. You should see a small box labeled "University Alert Download". Click on this box to start the installation process.University Alert Download

    If you do not have Adobe Flash installed, you will not see the "University Alert Download" box. Instead, you will get text instructions. Follow these instructions to install the University Alert application.

  3. If it isn't already installed, you will be prompted to install the Adobe Air application - this system provides the framework for the University Alert application to run.Adobe Air Installation
  4. You will then be asked to verify the installation of the University Alert application. Click Install.University Alert Verification
  5. You will then be asked for installation preferences. If you are unsure what to select then keep the defaults. Click Continue.University Alert Preferences
  6. After a short time, your screen may go blank, and you will be asked once again to verify the installation of the program. This is normal Windows security measures. Click Yes.User Access Control
  7. You will know when the installation has completed when the blue "Nevada" shield with a green check mark appears in your system tray at the lower right corner of your screen.University Alert Installed

After rebooting your computer you will have successfully downloaded and installed the University Alert application. If you have any technical issues, please contact IT Support.