Using PowerPoint in mixed-delivery

You can share PowerPoint and other applications with your class via Zoom. We recommend using the classroom PC for this function; however, you can also leverage your laptop. Please see the instructions for using your laptop with Zoom. Follow the instructions below to share a PowerPoint Presentation.

Step 1: Once you have started your Zoom meeting, open your PowerPoint presentation file or other application (if PowerPoint, don’t go into Slide Show mode just yet).

Step 2: From Zoom, click on the green Share Screen button at the bottom of the Zoom interface.

Step 3: Select PowerPoint, or whichever application you would like to share, from the share options listed.

Step 4: Once the application is shared, you can use the application as you normally would. (If using PowerPoint, you can enter Slide Show mode now.)

Step 5: Click on Stop Share in Zoom to end the screen share.

NOTE: You can also choose to share the entire desktop. If you choose that option be careful not to share more than intended, as it will share everything shown on the shared screen.