For-credit internship process

Internships are a great way for students to apply their academic knowledge to practice. For-credit internships are one way for students to gain this valuable experience. Here is the process for University approval of For-Credit Internships.

Please note: It is strongly advised students plan well in advance for internships/experiential learning opportunities if they want to receive academic credit. The recommended timeline is at least one semester prior to the internship experience as it may take time to process the required documents and ensure an internship course is available. Documents required for approval are: signed organization agreement and an approved site assessment.

Each department will determine when students enroll in the appropriate internship course. Departments may enroll students prior to the process below is complete, or wait until after all documents are signed.

Step one: Obtain contact information

Meet with your student to obtain the organization name and the site supervisor’s contact information for the internship.

Step two: Verify organization

Send the organization name and site supervisor’s contact information to your departmental specific “internship contact/coordinator,” to verify if the organization is approved or not.  If you need help or if you do not have a specified contact, email the Nevada Career Studio (NCS) at

Step three: Documents required for approval

If the organization is approved, you can move forward to step four.

If the organization is not approved, then a signed organization agreement and a Site Assessment will need to be completed. The site assessment is completed online, and the organization agreement needs to be returned to the party responsible for sending the document to the organization. Here are two options to complete this step:

  1. Your department can designate a representative to obtain all required signatures and documents (if there is not an existing representative).
  2. You or a faculty/advisor/admin can obtain the necessary approvals.

Blank organization agreements will need to be requested from NCS at and Site Assessment completed.

Keep in mind this can take as little as a week or as long as a few months, depending on how quickly the organization responds. If revisions are requested, they must go through the Office of General Counsel.

Step four: Document submission

Once the organization agreement has been signed, email it to NCS at

Step five: Completed documents

Once all documents have been approved, NCS will notify the person that submitted the agreement. That person is responsible for letting the all other parties know.

Faculty/advisor will meet with the student to update and sign the student waiver, the appropriate student agreement paid or unpaid forms, and the COVID waiver, which they will keep for their records.  These forms can be obtained from NCS at