Audit Alerts

Subject: Violations of the Purchasing Card Transaction Limit of $2,000

Recent institutional and NSHE System audits of university departments have disclosed instances where purchasing card transactions have exceeded the purchasing card limit of $1,999. These transactions had been split into two or more transactions to avoid the $2,000 threshold for issuing a purchase order. The Board of Regents directed our campus to take appropriate action to preclude such inappropriate transactions.

Therefore, please be aware that the credit limit on all single purchasing card transactions is $1,999. It is a violation of university purchasing policy to split single purchasing card transactions into multiple transactions on one or more purchasing cards for the purpose of circumventing the single purchasing card transaction limit. This violation may result in the revocation of the user's purchasing card(s) and/or disciplinary action.

Please work through the purchasing department to issue a purchase order for items/services that are for $2,000 or more. Also, if within the fiscal year you anticipate making purchases totaling $10,000 or more to a single vendor, please contact the Purchasing Department to have a Blanket Purchase Order established with that vendor.

If you need assistance with a purchase order, please contact BCN Purchasing at (775) 784-6552.