Virtual File Server


Over the past several years, many students have asked for the ability to access their network files from home. The College of Business has in place a server system that allows for secure access to your network files from virtually anywhere. This system also gives the ability to easily access your class files off of the "K Drive." The Virtual File Server allows you to easily access and manage your documents between home and the labs. It also give you the ability to access your files from classrooms for presentations.

Access the Virtual File Server here


The Virtual File Server has been tested and fully functional using the following System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Using current versions of:
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome

It is recommended that you use a computer that meets these system requirements.


It is recommended that you view the help files to familiarize yourself with the system prior to use.

I am having problems logging on.

Be sure you know your NetID and password. Try logging on using your and your NetID password. You must be enrolled in a College of Business course to access the Virtual File Server, if you are unable to login to the computers in the labs then you will be unable to access the Virtual File Server. If you have problems logging in call the computer lab consultant that is on duty at (775) 784-1322.

Error dialogue states file does not exist.

Try clearing your Temporary Internet Files and Cookies. The instructions to do this will vary according to the web browser you are using, refer to the documentation for the browser you are using to clear your browser cache.

I can only see files from the "U drive," I want to access files on the "K drive."

Choose the "K drive" icon from the navigation at the left of the page. See the help files for more information on navigating the virtual file server.