SQL Server Access

What is the SQL server?

We have a server running Microsoft's Terminal Server Software that allows you to access COBA Resources from anywhere there is an internet connection and Windows XP or Internet Explorer. The terminal server has Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installed to allow IS 475/675 and IS 482/682 students access from anywhere. Microsoft Office 2010 is also installed on the server. Students are also able to save files to the "U drive" and access those files from anywhere.

How do I access it?

From the College of Business Computer Labs skip to How do I access SQL Server below.

For off campus access follow these instructions.

You will just need your NetID and Password to logon to the server. Be sure to choose to log into the University domain by fully qualifying your NetID (UNR\NetID or NetID@unr.edu). Once logged on, you get a clean desktop that you can customize to your needs.

How do I access SQL Server?

Once you have successfully logged onto the server:

Click Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server Tools 17 -> Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17

Leave all of the default options on the Connect to Server screen and connect to the ISSQL\STUDENTS server.

Note that you may need to choose Browse for more and choose the correct server under Database Engine.

Choose Connect.

SQL Server uses your Windows credentials (your NetID) to allow you access.

Once you are logged into SQL Server, on the left side under the databases option you will see all of the available databases. The one that you have access to is the one that has your NetID for the database name.

You can also connect to SQL Server using MS Access.