Computer Labs FAQs

Contacting the Labs

Note: We do not provide technical support over the phone, if you have these questions of this nature please call the UNR Helpdesk (775) 682-5000.

If you have questions about the facilities or would like to talk to one of the Lab Consultants, they can be reached at 784-1322.

You can also email the lab manager with any questions about the labs at

Studenthome/U drive/MyDocuments

We have set up space on the file server for each business student with an account. This can be accessed in a couple of ways. You can go to My Computer and then choose the studenthome folder located under Network Locations, or you can save it directly to Your Documents Folder on the desktop. The My Documents folder will NOT automatically save the information to your directory on the U drive. If you save anything in the "My Documents" Folder or to the Desktop it will be deleted when you log off. You have been allocated 600 MB of space to use.

At the end of each semester all of the files and folders in the "U" drive are kept. Your files will be there as long as your are enrolled in College of Business Courses. It is your responsibility to back up your files. We have a number of ways that you can back up your information, including CD's and flash drives. We are also not responsible for lost files. We back up the servers on a regular basis, but you should KEEP YOUR OWN BACKUP, disk is cheap.

Can I access my files from home? YES!!!. We have a system in place that will allow you to upload and download files from the comfort of your own home.

Computer Consultants

Computer consultants are employed by the College of Business to supervise the daily operations of the computer labs. The office for the student lab consultants is in AB308. There should always be a consultant on duty when the labs are open. A schedule of the computer lab hours is posted on the door of each of the three labs as well an online computer lab schedule.

The consultants will be glad to help you with the software and hardware problems and answer questions. In addition, the consultants will sell you disks and add print credit to your account. They also put paper and toner in the printer and try to repair the broken equipment. If you have problems with a piece of hardware, we would appreciate it if you would report that information to the consultant on duty.

The consultants are not here to interpret an instructor's assignment. If you have a question about the interpretation of an assignment you should see your instructor.

The Importance of Making Backups

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of backing up your work. Although flash drives are relatively inexpensive and very convenient, they can be very fallible, and are easily damaged. They also wear out with time and use. Most documents represent a substantial time investment, and are very valuable to their creator. We recommend that you save your work frequently to a CD, USB flash drive, or an external hard drive and it is always a good idea to save important files in more than one location.

We also recommend that you save your work frequently and are aware of where you are saving your file. For help using the Labs network storage (U:/ drive) see a lab consultant in room 308.

How to obtain "K Drive" files from home.

You can access any files and information that your professor has placed on the file server at the COBA Labs in the KDrive. To do so click the following link and familiarize yourself with the COBA Virtual File Server (CVFS). When you log into the CVFS system, you will have a link to the K Drive at the top of the window. You will then just need to navigate to your course and then your professor. It is recommended that you click "SAVE" instead of "open". You should save the files to disk rather than opening them from the web as you will have troubles saving your work if you only open them and work on them that way.

Access the KDrive Online

How Network Printers Work

All of the printers in rooms 301, 309, 312 and 208 are connected to the network. Networks allow a number of people to use the printer at the same time. When you print in rooms 309, 301, 312 and 208 the job request is not sent directly to the printer. The job is first sent to the print server. The print server then puts the request in a print queue. A print queue is similar to forming a line… So, the jobs wait and will print in the order they have been received.

Sometimes there is a slight delay in the print job reaching the printer. This is due to the size of a print job. Depending on the size/number of graphics in your document will depend on the print speed. If it is busy in the labs there might also be a delay in your document as it will have to wait in line. If the printer does not print right away please do not send another print job since this can create a big queue and a long wait for other jobs requested after yours. Please see the lab consultants for these special instructions about printing.

Printing In the COB Labs

There are Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printers in each room. If you are unsure how to send your output to the printer, please ask the lab consultant on duty in Room 308. Some printouts with complicated characters or graphics can take a while to print. To save yourself anguish, it is best to print your papers the day before they are due rather than five minutes after they are due.

In order to be able to print on the laser printers, you must first have money in your printer account. You can deposit money into your account by asking a lab consultant in room 308. Each page that you print from the laser printers costs $0.02. You must have enough money in your account to cover all of the pages you are printing BEFORE you send the print job to the printer. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account and you send a job to the laser printer, the entire job will be deleted and you will have to put credit on your account then send the job again.

We DO NOT refund print credit at the end of the semester!!

Color printing is available from any workstation in the labs. You just need to change the printer selection after choosing print. The printer is "309Color" in 309 or "301 Color" in 301. Charges for color printing is $0.15/page.

Lab Funding

The College of Business computer laboratories are no longer supported exclusively by special course fees. Students must still be enrolled in a class in the College of Business in order to use the computer labs in the College of Business. Our facilities belong as much to the students of the College of Business as they do to us. We would really appreciate it if you would please treat them that way.