Encouraging Women in Technology

Women in Tech (WiT) is an initiative focused on encouraging Women in Technology. This initiative was established in September 2020 to provide educational opportunities to women in the technology industry. This initiative is being spearheaded by the College of Business. Through the generous philanthropy of Maureen T. Mullarkey-Miller ’88 MBA and Steven Miller, this fund aims to encourage and advance women in business through a broad range of co-curricular  and extracurricular activities in an effort to broaden the participation of this underrepresented population in technology careers. Advancing women in technology leadership positions is central to this initiative. 

Get involved with Women in Tech

Be a Mentor, Connect with Mentors
Lead WiT Student Organization
Support Other Women
Seek Opportunities
Practice Being a Tech Professional

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To address the underrepresentation of women in technology careers.


Provide leadership, programing, and support, to improve the representation and broaden the participation of women in technology careers.


Create learning opportunities for students, that showcase the career paths that exist in technology.

Be a valued entity that provides professional development opportunities to advance gender equity in technology careers.

Create a supportive community of women in technology.